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When Experience Counts

You know your business, we know ours. Our expertise is based on direct experience and knowledge of organizations regulatory case histories. While attorneys and accountants are important resources to any company, few specialize in labor regulation matters. In todays complex regulatory environment, what you dont know can hurt you. We know where problems occur and how to fix them. Our review and strategic assistance will provide you with peace of mind, confidence in your compliance status, cost savings in audit, penalty and complaint defense, procedural time savings and a more satisfied work force.

Principal Raymond A. Wyzguski has over thirty years experience in labor regulations enforcement and administration in the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. As a Compliance Officer and District Manager, he worked with age discrimination, equal pay, record keeping, minimum wage, overtime, child labor, government manufacturing, service, and construction employment regulations and garment manufacturing and family medical leave requirements. He holds a Masters in Labor Relations from Loyola University, and has counseled executives and managers in a variety of industries, as well as academic and not-for-profit organizations.