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Labor Regulation Assistance serves the following types of customers:
  • Businesses that are not sure if they have labor regulations issues and want to make certain to avoid the time and expense of employee complaints, employee dissatisfaction, government audits, litigation, negative publicity, etc. LRA will conduct a "preventative maintenance" audit which will bring to light any potential problems the business might have, allowing for necessary corrections before trouble occurs. LRA will then recommend the least intrusive and least expensive courses of corrective action.
  • Businesses that have been informed of an employee complaint. LRA will analyze the issues and recommend the most advantageous , least time consuming and least expensive solution.
  • Businesses which have been contacted for a government audit. LRA helps the business prepare for the audit; helps the business deal with the government agency including conducting a companion audit (including payroll practice review and interpretation and employee interviews) to refute and/or minimize allegations; reviews the agency conclusions (especially requests for payments of fines and back wages) for accuracy, interprets agency recommendations for compliance changes, and assists the firm's attorney if the agency takes further action.
  • Law firms that have been retained by businesses who have been sued for allegations employment regulation violations. LRA helps the lawyers research the points of law at issue; advises concerning compliance interpretations; conducts compliance audit (including payroll review and interpretation and to refute and/or minimize complaint allegations; assists in advising business principals concerning the litigation; and assists in expert witness testimony if the matter proceeds to trial.
  • Businesses that are considering first-time government contract work. LRA explains in detail the additional labor regulations with which the firm will have to comply, targeting the specific common problems businesses might have; identifying the additional reporting forms which the business will have to complete, along with explaining the various reporting requirements and instructions as to how to complete the forms; along with serving as an ongoing resource when the contract(s) are awarded.
  • Businesses that have been awarded first-time government contracts. As above, additionally reviewing and explaining specific agency requirements and forms, which have been provided to the business.
  • Business that are planning to bid on, have bid on, or have been awarded government contracts and have been asked to produce an affirmative action plan (AAP) as a condition of the contract(s). LRA will create the AAP.
  • Businesses, especially newer businesses, which need an employee manual to spell out company procedures and regulations. Ignorance and/or confusion regarding company policies are common sources of workplace discontent and management/employee difficulties. LRA will work with the business to create an employee manual , which initially is as simple as possible, but which allows for further complexity as the business grows.
  • Businesses which have created their own employee manual. LRA will review the manual and recommend any changes consistent with effective labor relations and compliance with labor regulations.
  • Businesses which would benefit from management labor regulation training. (This training is particularly necessary in retail businesses with satellite locations in which the site manager is responsible for regulation compliance.) LRA will provide on-site management training, leave-with training manuals for reference, and act as an ongoing resource for regulation questions.
  • Professional Employer Organizations that assist business clients with Human Resource, payroll, and regulatory compliance issues (and which may share in any client liability under the joint employment concept). LRA will provide staff regulatory compliance training, leave-with training manuals for reference, and act as an ongoing resource for client regulation issues.
  • Business organizations and industry groups which could benefit from training regarding labor regulations, government contract labor regulation requirements, and government audit preparation and survival. LRA will provide group training to business and industry-specific groups from an auditor's perspective, which will explain specific potential problems and "gray" areas to forestall future predicaments.